Thank you Mommy for….

Andrew’s been obsessed with amusement park boat, monster truck and race car motorized games.  I can just expect to bring some change and have him play at least twice to see his face light up.  This has moved up to his top of the favorite things to do list of all times.  There was one trip a month ago, where the day was manageable for me alone with the two boys at a busy amusement park.  I recorded his boat racing game on my phone, made a huge deal on the video when his boat gracefully traveled in and out of a narrow tunnel TWICE, and complimented him on his speed and improvement with control.  I was genuinely excited and luckily mentally clear (meaning no far in the day).  Few weeks later and Andrew is still thanking me for taking that video and capturing his great racing moments.  “Thank you Mommy for recording me race.  Thank you for saying Wow Andrew you went through the tunnel!  Mom, I like how you were happy for me.”  He hasn’t stopped thanking me for the comments I made at how well he went through the tunnel and for going so fast.  I can hear in his tone, how proud he is of himself and how much he appreciates that I complimented him and it was recorded!  When he retells his story, there is so much pride and giddiness radiating that it warms my heart he’s expressing these emotions.  More and more lately, I see my boy maturing and slowly coming out of this fog.


Not a big deal

Once in a while I love and relish in these moments where Andrew hits a milestone.  I wish I wrote most of them down but I stopped doing that long ago unfortunately.  I won’t need to offer history because if I’m writing about it then Andrew never did them.  Like today at Target he was disregulated.  He could sense I was getting stressed out but he continued to be all over the place.  At one point I asked him to go with me as his younger brother and dad went to a different aisle.  Andrew hugged my arm and rested his chin to my shoulder.  BTW, I’m 5’2 and my son who’s only 7 goes up to my mid neck!  He calmly says I love you Mommy.  In his tone I KNEW he KNEW I wasn’t happy.  

Lately, me sweetheart’s been giving small feathers that fly out of our pillows.  He usually hands them to me himself but for some reason one day he had one delivered in a tupperware via lil brother.  Still so thoughtful.  I keep my youngest Anthony’s gifts along with the feathers in a special jewelery box.  Anthony would cut out pictures at preschool and pocket them.  Then as I picked him up, he would tell me mommy i have a surprise.  It was one of the cutest sights for me to watch his little hands dig into his pant pockets for his cut outs.  My boys are such softies like mom & dad.  I love that they are both such sweethearts and treat me like a princess who likes flowers and dresses.  That’s what they say at least.