Naan Pizza Kids Style




Delicious alternative using delicious Indian Naan bread! 😛
This was a hit with the boys!  This was an easy, quick, yummy project turned dinner.

– Spread spaghetti sauce as base.  We used Ragu garlic, tomato.

– Spread low-fat mozzarella cheese.

– Cut up mushrooms and spread.

– Diced up ham.  We only eat nitrade free deli meats.

– Sprinkle pizza seasoning, bit of salt, pepper.

– Line tray with foil and baked at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes.  Or directly on track for crispier pizza.


All For You my Son

Dear Son,

Your IEP meeting was 2 hrs long.  Blessed that the majority of the teachers and therapists have your best interest.  There was one and there always is, who battled with me for the last hour over whether to take away your therapy service.  Since you were 18 months, I’ve fought hard for you.  Today was no different.  I believe in you, see you mature and win over many challenges that comes with autism, you work hard.  I advocate for all the support necessary to foster your success, even when others don’t agree.  Mama advocated really hard the last hour.  It wasn’t easy but as always, I dug up that strength and courage I never knew I had till you were born.  She eventually agreed and I won.  All for you Andrew.


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potato head

Vegetarian “Chicken” Stir Fr

This is one quick, tasty, healthy dish.  It’s another winner in our house.  Kids love it and it takes 20 minutes to make.  The chicken-less strips are already seasoned but I usually include the following:

– Portobello mushrooms

– Bok Choy: cut into strips

– Diced onions & garlic

– Salt & pepper

– A little bit of soy sauce but more of sesame seed oil (low sodium).  I use sea salt more than soy sauce.

Serve with rice.

When I’m in a time crunch I don’t chop the onion and garlic and the dish still turns out pretty good.  I love this chicken less strips because it actually tastes and texture is like real chicken.  Trader Joes also has beef-less strips which I also use.