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What are you thinking about?

Autism Avenue with Mama & Son


Sometimes I stare into your beautiful almond shaped eyes
And wonder what you’re wondering about
Curious at what you see
And how you see it
Try to think the way you think
Feel what you must be feeling
Gather what your mind must be processing
No matter what it may be you’re pondering over
Or observing
I only wish it brings you happiness

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From Worrying to Dreaming……

I often worry about my family’s life.  What my autistic son’s future will be like if my husband and I left this earth.  Will Anthony take care of him?  Would I want him to have that responsibility.  I guess we just have to see and let him decide on his own.  How independent will Andrew become?  Enough to live on his own. Enough to fend off the bad people and avoid bad situations.  Will he be okay…

As much as I worry, I dream just as much to escape my scary reality.  How wonderful it would be to travel to every part of the world.  To experience life in multi facets.  To see and touch corners of the world.  To delve into a variety of cultures for a few days and be lost in new flavors, sights, and experiences.