Filipino Beliefs on Autism

For you Filipinos in the house!  Please tell me you’ve experienced these ridiculous yet funny things with relatives at parties and get togethers.

~ There’s no autism in the Philippines.  Just in America, where they diagnose everyone for everything.

~ Oh seee!!  He’s just a little hyper active.  Andrew is fine!

~ Andrew Andrew come here to Uncle Bebot.  Spell your name.  What’s your favorite color?  Seeee, he’s fine!

~ He’s sooooooooo smart.  You know I’ve heard about this autism boy in New York who went to Harvard and played the piano really well!

~ You just have to pray hard to God!

~ Andrew needs to go to church.

~  It’s all in God’s hands.  Have faith.  He will make Andrew normal.  Just pray!

~ Just be lucky he doesn’t look Autistic!

~  What’s gluten free?  In the Philippines, there’s no such thing as these fad diets.  Here in America, we have too much time and money!?

~ He will outgrow it, you’ll see!

~  What will you do when he’s an adult?

~ WHAT do the doctors say his future will be like?