Special Olympics: Eunice Kennedy Shriver


I’ve always been intrigued by the Kennedy family, America’s royal family blessed with fame yet cursed with tragedies.  Surrounded by her glorious siblings was  Rosemary Kennedy, who had an intellectual disability.  Her sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver was the inspiring founder of Special Olympics.  She had a huge heart and determination for the special needs population, which back in the 60s were shunned and mistreated.  They were either institutionalized or ignored and shamed.  Eunice started off inviting special needs kids to her uxurious backyard for camp.  Many years later Special Olympics is an international event.  I’m so inspired to encourage Andrew to shine in swimming or track and one day be a competitor in this event.


Nike Lebron Soldier 8 Flyease

Have you mamas heard the latest and greatest on Nike’s new kicks for special needs community?  It’s called the Lebron Soldier 8 Flyease high top shoes with no tie laces and a wrap around zipper.  I’m SO excited because just earlier this year my son wore out his zip up boots (Children’s Place brand) which he loved.  I wanted to replace them with a casual pair.  I clearly remember shopping at the mall on the search.  I went into one of the sports  stores and asked a young sales boy if they sold no tie laces/velcro high tops.  He looked at me like I was crazy, laughed and said nope.  But at last they’re here!   Drop date is July 16th and limited supply.  Crossing my fingers I get a pair and that they’re not super expensive.  I tend to go cheaper (no more than $40) for my boys’shoes since they ruin them so quickly.  Check out the inspiring story behind the shoe.