This is interesting because there a few that don’t sound like scams and actually do-able.  I found this on pinterest late last night as I struggled with jet lag.   They take patience and searching for only a few bucks but better than nothing.

I’ve already checked out a few like shopkick, gig walk, and thredup.  Thredup is where you can sell your used clothes and accessories.  They send you a free bag, you load up, and ship back at no cost.   You can check in advance which brands and items they accept and the value.  If your items arent sellable, they donate to charity or you pay to ship back.  It’s not much but if you’re already planning to donate why not make a few dollars.

I’ve already tried Shopkick this morning.  It takes hundreds and thousands of points to earn a gift card. However, I figure if I’m already at Safeway or target, why not earn some points.  It’s as easy as downloading the app and checking in at the door and scanning some items.  There are limited stores depending on your location and each store has designated jobs. Some have walk in, purchases, or scanning tasks.

I also downloaded gigwalk but limited in projects that are close by.  It gives you a list of tasks like taking photos or scanning items at stores for a few dollars.

There other jobs listed that seem cool but for now I’ll start with these 3.  As a part time worker I’m always on the search for little jobs.  Good luck!


Obsessive eating

My son is an obsessive eater unless he’s on Ritalin.  It’s frustrating because he has constant teeth issues.  He will literally snack at least 5 – 8 times between lunch and dinner.  Luckily he’s thin and active so he burns the calories.  However, we spend more and we have to monitor the food.

I just read recently that implementing a snacks schedule might help.  Except we’re in Hawaii right now. 

It may be a sensory seeking thing or just plain food obsession.  Any advice?