Hungry Hippo Loves Eggs!


Hungry hungry hippo!  After feeding the kids, getting them ready for school, and whisking them off to school this morning, I brewed some coffee and made this delicious #eggscramblewith #onions #spinach #tomatoes and#lowcarbtortilla.  Sat my ass and enjoyed my backyard view while pigging out on my breakfast and slowly sipping my coffee with whip!  Because I can fortunately enjoy two weekday mornings a week to myself, I do.


If you can’t beat ’em, laugh at them!


Laughter is the#bestmedicine, says this Autism Mom.  A dose of Ellen D helps the anger and anxiety go away.  After a few days pissed, anxious & hopeless because of health insurance & school issues I just need a good #laugh!  Ellen Degeneres’ instagram photos & videos are so therapeutic.

I love you Ellen D!  You crack me up like no other and help me #escape my autism reality.  If you ever read this, just know I’m probably one of thousands maybe millions of moms (of special needs kids) out there in the universe who love you passionately!  Autism Mom’s stress may not be physically apparent but our lives are pretty much in need of ongoing escapes and help from positive sources.

Still using these suckers… Potty Covers

potty cover

My boys are now 8 and 6 but boys will be boys!  I get sooo grossed out when we’re in public bathrooms because they will do their thang but with their legs & pants touching the disgusting public toilets!!!!  How do I avoid it?  Well these nifty covers cover the entire lid to the front bottom.  I rip a bit in the middle so the kids don’t get it all wet.  The nice thing is each cover is folded and rolled small enough to fit in my pursues.  For $5.99 you get 6 covers.

In the same predicament with your lil ones?  Please click on my amazon associates link above and search for “potty covers.”   You will shop as usual (confidential, no names) using my link  and I can get a small % towards Andrew’s swim and clarinet classes.  Thanks for supporting my blog!


Fall at the Beach


Despite Andrew’s annual IEP, regional center meeting, insurance speech eval for redetermination of services & reapplying for mediCal all occur in Fall I still really love the beauty of the season.
Disagreeing, advocating, arguing, underrepresented, not understood, one man team, preaching to choir, overly explaining, apologizing, thanking, asking.  That’s what autism moms do on ongoing basis with e v e r y o n e.  It’s exhausting.  It’s alienating.  It hurtful.  It’s being on a l l  t h e  t i m e.
(Pic of Andrew’s lil pumpkin he brings everywhere.  He dug a hole at the beach for his orange buddy.)


Sesame Street’s New Muppet, Julia has Autism

Awesomeness on many levels!   I’m beyond excited and relieved knowing many young kids will soon learn about autism, the Sesame Street way.   Sesame Street is brilliant and so open minded for elevating autism awareness.  As a parent with an autistic child, I realize I cannot change my son’s diagnosis and I certainly can’t change how society perceives him.  But I can certainly do my part in spreading autism awareness, in hopes that education will promote understanding and acceptance.

One of my wishes (as stated on my blog) is for media and celebs to use their power to educate others on autism.  So I’m so happy because what sesame street is starting is a huge step into mainstream!  The more the educated, the more patience/understanding and the more we are set free when out in the community.


Ombre Nails and Feeling like a Hot Mama

Because ombre nails rock.   With the big milestone age (40!) and other life changing events simultaneously occurring, it’s been an eye opener!  Us autism moms have a lot to carry, so laughing a lot and finding humor in life, organizing, decorating, exercising and prettying up never hurts.  It just makes things easier to handle.  Thus…ombre nails.



Mia Adora 3d Fiber Mascara

This was a few months ago but I haven’t yet forgotten the joy of getting a freebie!  Let alone a free 3d fiber mascara that is pretty popular and works well!  I was using a cheaper brand (which I won’t name) that I found on Amazon for about $8.  I also discovered Mia Adora from good ol’ Amazon.  Mia Adora is about $20 but lasted me about 2 months, a few more weeks longer.  The fibers extends my lashes pretty long and gives it the appearance of thicker lashes.  What’s even better is that a month after purchasing I received a call from the company asking if I could review their product, in exchange for a free mascara!  After completing the review, as promised voila came my freebie!  Pic attached.  The first one was silver and the new is black.  Both came in these cute sturdy boxes but this freebie came with this pink wand, which helps separate your lashes prior to applying your fibers!  I am clueless on attaching fake lashes and I barely go out enough to get the practice, so this mascara is perfect for me.  It takes a few more minutes than regular mascara.  I still love my MAC brand but hard to go back to it after having volumous lashes.

Get yours today by clicking on my Amazon link and searching for Mia Adora.  By purchasing via this link, you shop the usual way but it gives me a % towards Andrew’s music and swim class.

Simple pleasures make this Autism Mommy oh so happy!