About us…

We are a Filipino American family living on Autism Avenue Bay Area, CA. 🙂  I plan to just say how it is, coming straight from the heart and mind of a mom with a very special son.  My name is Rachel and my son is Andrew.  Unlike my filtered facebook and instagram pages, these stories I plan to share will be as real as it can get.

Andrew is a happy-go-lucky 7 year old ready to venture into 3rd grade this Fall. Our family moved to Autism Avenue in 2007, when he was diagnosed with moderate autism at the age of 2.  I’m a 30 something full time Mom and advocate/ part time career woman.   I have a loving husband and a spunky 5 year old Anthony, who is one week away from the “real world” of kindergarten.  Our family wouldn’t be whole without another special person — My Mother — the woman who is our savior, Andrew’s 2nd mom/grandma, and my boys’ number one cheerleader.

My intent/mission/purpose to this is to express the awful, the bad, the overly drawn out depression along with the nauseating happiness and corniest, most nostalgic “minute” moments we tend to over celebrate.  On Autism Avenue we experience the lowest of the lows but believe there is no such thing as little things.  All little things are huge deals to our family, so we celebrate them.  There are no filters, no layers to peel, no holding back.

My hope is to have a place for me to journal my life, my family, autism.  To help other mothers and fathers in my our shoes to feel a sense of community.. cyber community where we can feel less alone in this autism life.  You know the song, “Nobody knows the troubles…” or the saying, ” You don’t know my life unless you’re in my shoes.”  I’m striving to create this place, this corner in the world where us moms and dads can unite, hear each other out and understand each person’s stories like no one else can.  Even if our struggles, our journeys, celebrations and bad days aren’t identical.  Even if some people’s are worse or better than others just like typical families.

My goal is to write freely about my emotions, the experiences, the pain, the triumphant moments, the breakthroughs and perhaps reach out to the parents who at some level are where I am.  I believe when people at their most desperate moments can see that there are others out there who suffer the same way, they feel a sense of relief and less burden on being so alone.

Even as I write this, I’m uncertain which direction this blog will eventually go.  I have an idea I’m running with but I’m open to seeing how it’ll evolve.   ALL I am is super excited about getting it out.  The 8 years (so far) of this journey with my son, what I’ve learned, where it hurts most, what gets me going, who is there for me, who’s not, and where, everything it’s turned me into will finally be free.  Free from being bottled in my head and my heart.

As much as I hope to reach out to many more like me, I’m wishing this will help heal me and relieve me from so much of the sadness, happiness, & all else in between this colorful life on the spectrum.

Thank you sincerely from the heart, for joining me!


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