DIFF Eyewear

Click on the link below to get $10 off your Diff Sunglasses.  Great quality, stylish and less $ than other designers.  For every pair sold, Diff donates one pair of reading glasses to Africa. #diffeyewear



My Safe Haven


This park is three homes down from our place.  It’s Fall, the air is cool but the sun is shining, the trees are colorful, the neighborhood is peaceful.  My safe haven which I never take for granted.

Whole Foods Magic Remedies

Treated myself to Whole Foods today. Just what the doctor ordered for the dizziness I’ve been having for a week. Dried fruit and figs, kale juice along with vitamin D and fish oil.  Yes that’s #pamelascakemix in the back.


Hungry Hippo Loves Eggs!


Hungry hungry hippo!  After feeding the kids, getting them ready for school, and whisking them off to school this morning, I brewed some coffee and made this delicious #eggscramblewith #onions #spinach #tomatoes and#lowcarbtortilla.  Sat my ass and enjoyed my backyard view while pigging out on my breakfast and slowly sipping my coffee with whip!  Because I can fortunately enjoy two weekday mornings a week to myself, I do.