Being in your early 40s isn’t so bad

I’ll tell you why it isn’t as horrible as I thought.  I mean YeS there are the noticeable grays on the crown of my head, the black circles, the stubborn fat that just won’t vanish and my vision is slowly going.  However, for me being in this new milestone has taught me many confident boosting lessons.  

Kinda sucks it took me this long but only now have I realized how NOT to be so self conscious. My actions and decisions should not be based on how others think I should be living my life.  It just occurred to me that all my life I’ve always looked at strangers or my friends or family for their looks of approval.  Depending on how their faces look I change my actions to appease people.  I’ve even written a poem about being a mood ring during my college years.  It’s really sad but at least I’ve learned to be myself and do what I want because damn it I’m a good decent person.  I don’t need to see who’s frowning at me for my actions.  I just simply give 0 f@&$s now and I continue to act the way I want without knowing how others view me.  I’m working hard to be more assertive and vocal and stick to my guns in heated discussions.   

I’ve also learned to own it.  I admit my weaknesses and have realized when I do then people can’t use those things against me.  The biggest revelation I’ve opened up about is my lifelong anxiety disorder.  Talking openly about my anxiety and how it affects my actions and fear has made others in my life more understanding.  Honestly it’s refreshing how my friends can’t put me down or argue with me when they know it’s anxiety related.   

Most important I’ve learned to find laughter each and everyday.  


Never Assume

Hey there Mommas!   I’ve been MIA on WordPress lately.  Mostly because I’ve been on Instagram more often.  But also because I have no idea who’s trolling or trying to hack my page here.  If anyone knows please shine some light on this.  My stats show numerous views from several different countries through odd links?!!  

Anyway, one tip today autism parents.  Never ever assume that just because people know you have an autism child, that they understand how busy your life is.  It’s not even safe to assume that all your friends who are autism parents even understand how busy you are!  Just don’t.  Autism awareness people!  

Sun, sun go away

Sun, sun go away. Please come back another day (like Spring). More rain and clouds please, thank you. Sincerely, Bay Area Mom 

 A cloudy, rainy day is so comforting like a fuzzy warm blankie.


Life eats me whole



Healthy Eating. As much as we can!

Lunch time kiddies!  Latin kale, garlic shrimp with quinoa.  Well rice for my boys because let’s face it, they’re Filipino and they’re not going to touch it.

Cumin, kale, and Olive oil are anti cancer foods!

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Taking Care of Yourself First

I decided to make a separate tab where I show off how I indulge, create, take care of me.   After all, they do compare us Autism Moms to Men in Combat!!  There is that saying where it goes something like, You must take care of you before you can be there for your children.  Yes I get it but that doesn’t always happen.  However, when I do find things I love to do I indulge BIG TIME and get STUCK to gain some of that ESCAPE and THERAPY even if only for a short time, it’s better than no time.  Geez I sound like a drug addict but I’m more like a shop-aholic.  Enjoy!  I hope you get some get ideas on how to self indulge or teach me a few other ways to escape this autism reality.  I’ve added the most recent posts about these wonderful hobbies of mine but going forward (as I get lazier) just please look under “taking care of yourself first” category on the right hand side of the home page.

Whipped or wiped out?

My husband accidentally wiped my calendar out during syncing. The stress drove me to Starbucks for a Venti skinny cinnamon dolce latte…with…whip.


Bare Essentials Birthday Gift

Got this free with my warmth purchase at bare essentials today since my birthday was last week.  Small things, especially when free,gives me the giggles!  Doesn’t take much to entertain me I guess.  I googled this and learned there are hundreds of reviews on Macy’s and Nordstroms.


Alex and Ani Autism Puzzle Bracelet

TBT.  I had featured this on my IG for April AutismAwareness month in honor of my son.  Alex & Ani puzzle bracelet from Nordstrom.  So in love with this gorgeous piece.  I’m all about trendy, environment friendly, good cause and affordable designer brands. Thank you A&A for this awareness bracelet!

Yes I was rockin’ out blue gel nails on autism awareness month!


Beautiful Autism Puzzle Piece Necklace

I love this puzzle pieces necklace from Princess P’s online store for $14.99!  I’ve been looking for a cute & trendy necklace like this for long time, so I’m ecstatic. I’ve searched and could never find one like this.  Most of the ones I saw were huge puzzle pieces or had imperfect shapes.  Thank you to Andrew’s school therapist, who was wearing this one day when I picked him up!


Autism Moms Be Like…Drinks Anyone?





Shop Amazon via Autism Avenue with Mama & Son

Hi fellow autism moms & pops, please help support my son’s special needs activities!  Andrew takes swimming, gymnastics, and music to help with his sensory needs and to strength his core.  By clicking on the link below, you can shop on Amazon and I can get a % to help pay for my son’s extra curricular activities.  Thanks for your support and visiting our blog on autism avenue!