Autism Parenting. This Struggle is Real.


Dear Anyone who’s not an autism parent but trying to understand autism parents,

You know those moments in life when you’re hurt that a mean kid was not so nice to your child?  Or how horribly difficult the “terrible twos” were?  How much you struggled to keep your shit together as you tried to control your possessed kid in public.  How cruel people in public can be for giving you the bad parent/bad child glare?  What about having to de-code wth your life insurance or retirement plans mean?  Or worse, a store, party venue, restaurant or insurance company denying coverage, denying return of a bad item, dismissing bad customer service.  Having to escalate it to management?  Remember that bad year when your child that horrible terrible no good, very bad teacher?!  Phew thank goodness that was just one school year.  How sad you were when your youngest was delayed compared to all their friends when it came to sports?  But now ecstatic you were when he finally got that ribbon from swimming to the next level, even though it took him longer than every other 5 year old?

Autism families go through similar pains everyday, every hour, every week throughout their lives.  Not occasionally but everyday.  The struggle is so very real.  It’s exhausting, depressing, disappointing.


I’m not being sarcastic nor belittling the issues, hardships, obstacles we all face as parents and human beings.  Special needs kids or not.  I’m simply trying to help non autism parents understand the intensity of the other side.

(Pic above I took the other day when we finally got some rain and thunder in Northern California.  I love the rain, the comfort it brings, the beauty, the calmness the sound of rain drops.  The road ahead is a long, dark, bright with many bumps and detours for many autism families.)


Fall at the Beach


Despite Andrew’s annual IEP, regional center meeting, insurance speech eval for redetermination of services & reapplying for mediCal all occur in Fall I still really love the beauty of the season.
Disagreeing, advocating, arguing, underrepresented, not understood, one man team, preaching to choir, overly explaining, apologizing, thanking, asking.  That’s what autism moms do on ongoing basis with e v e r y o n e.  It’s exhausting.  It’s alienating.  It hurtful.  It’s being on a l l  t h e  t i m e.
(Pic of Andrew’s lil pumpkin he brings everywhere.  He dug a hole at the beach for his orange buddy.)

Sesame Street’s New Muppet, Julia has Autism

Awesomeness on many levels!   I’m beyond excited and relieved knowing many young kids will soon learn about autism, the Sesame Street way.   Sesame Street is brilliant and so open minded for elevating autism awareness.  As a parent with an autistic child, I realize I cannot change my son’s diagnosis and I certainly can’t change how society perceives him.  But I can certainly do my part in spreading autism awareness, in hopes that education will promote understanding and acceptance.

One of my wishes (as stated on my blog) is for media and celebs to use their power to educate others on autism.  So I’m so happy because what sesame street is starting is a huge step into mainstream!  The more the educated, the more patience/understanding and the more we are set free when out in the community.

Autism Moms & Men in Combat have the Same Level Stress

autism moms in combat

If the creator of this icon pic sees this, please comment below for credit.  I found this on Pinterest and thought to share this.  It’s really sad and scary but a shocking reality that us autism moms face.

Below is the article on the study that the University of Wisconsin-Madison completed.  Sad to see that the stress in our lives compare to men in combat.  However, when a friend of family member just doesn’t “get it” please show them this.  I often find myself at loss for words when trying to get close friends and family to understand where I stand.  No one ever will unfortunately, except for those who stand in your shoes.  However, it would be helpful if people can take a peek into our struggles.  This explains the intensity we go through daily.  Stay strong mamas!!!

the article:…/autism-moms-and-combat-solders-ha…