ūüíôBlue Silver Lining


Sunset. ¬†Blue silver lining. ¬†December is full of anxiety ridden events. ¬†Actually it’s been pretty awful since Fall began. ¬†I’m starting to feel some relief since a few of those things have passed. But still few more to go. ¬†I already want the new year to be here!





Some Art in Our Lives

With the last heavy posts, I decided to lighten things up a little.  I update this page (Some Art in Our Lives) under Menu.

One of my favorite hobbies is to semi-make artsy craftsy stuff for my boys’ parties. ¬†Birthdays and school holidays are the only times I really make time to get into it. ¬†Our tradition is I buy boys matching themed shirts and deco out depending on the boy’s choice of theme for the year. ¬†I’ve been obsessed with fondant decorative cakes since the 1st Bday Party up to now. ¬†Party planning, as you Mom’s know is stressful but I do really enjoy the making part. ¬†Since I’m not one to make things from scratch, much credit to Pinterest and other sites for the ideas! ¬†Comment below if you want specifics on how I made certain things.

Andrew’s 1st¬†Bday Party: Jungle Forest¬†Theme


Anthony’s 2nd Bday Party: Froggie Theme

C's 2nd C's 2nd2 cs2nd4 cs2shirt

Anthony’s 3rd Bday Party: Train¬†Theme

2012 C3rd party2012 C3rd party22012 C3rd party3 2012-03-11_1559CanonPS_890IS

Andrew’s 4th¬†Bday Party: Thomas The Train!

IMG_1475 IMG_1477

Andrew’s 7th¬†Bday Party: Minions!!

2013-10-26_1233 2013-10-26_1237_06 2013-10-26_1638_02  minionshirt minionshirt1  .2013-10-26_1717

Anthony’s 5th Bday Party: Disney’s¬†Where’s My Water?

2014-03-29_183925 dtmw dtmw2 dtmw3¬† Anthony’s had his name on front and age 5 on the back.

Andrew’s 8th Bday Party:¬†M&M’s Lunch & ¬†Arcade

2014-10-25_123526      2014-10-25_123521        2014-10-25_123456   Bought brown banners and added round multi color stock paper and white letters.  

2015-02-14 2015 Valentines for Class

2015 WP22013 4th of July/Dad’s Bday. ¬†Yes I screwed up on the USA flag colors. ¬†Ooops.

2013 Valentines

2013 VAlentines

From Worrying to Dreaming……

I often worry about my family’s life. ¬†What my autistic son’s future will be like if my husband and I left this earth. ¬†Will Anthony take care of him? ¬†Would I want him to have that responsibility. ¬†I guess we just have to see and let him decide on his own. ¬†How independent will Andrew become? ¬†Enough to live on his own. Enough to fend off the bad people and avoid bad situations. ¬†Will he be okay…

As much as I worry, I dream just as much to escape my scary reality.  How wonderful it would be to travel to every part of the world.  To experience life in multi facets.  To see and touch corners of the world.  To delve into a variety of cultures for a few days and be lost in new flavors, sights, and experiences.