Nature Therapy

Sometimes I just need to get out enjoy the fresh air, feel the coolness on my cheeks and stroll through life’s beauty.  It’s free.   It’s peaceful. It’s reliable. It’s not judgemental.



Ombre Nails and Feeling like a Hot Mama

Because ombre nails rock.   With the big milestone age (40!) and other life changing events simultaneously occurring, it’s been an eye opener!  Us autism moms have a lot to carry, so laughing a lot and finding humor in life, organizing, decorating, exercising and prettying up never hurts.  It just makes things easier to handle.  Thus…ombre nails.


Mia Adora 3d Fiber Mascara

This was a few months ago but I haven’t yet forgotten the joy of getting a freebie!  Let alone a free 3d fiber mascara that is pretty popular and works well!  I was using a cheaper brand (which I won’t name) that I found on Amazon for about $8.  I also discovered Mia Adora from good ol’ Amazon.  Mia Adora is about $20 but lasted me about 2 months, a few more weeks longer.  The fibers extends my lashes pretty long and gives it the appearance of thicker lashes.  What’s even better is that a month after purchasing I received a call from the company asking if I could review their product, in exchange for a free mascara!  After completing the review, as promised voila came my freebie!  Pic attached.  The first one was silver and the new is black.  Both came in these cute sturdy boxes but this freebie came with this pink wand, which helps separate your lashes prior to applying your fibers!  I am clueless on attaching fake lashes and I barely go out enough to get the practice, so this mascara is perfect for me.  It takes a few more minutes than regular mascara.  I still love my MAC brand but hard to go back to it after having volumous lashes.

Get yours today by clicking on my Amazon link and searching for Mia Adora.  By purchasing via this link, you shop the usual way but it gives me a % towards Andrew’s music and swim class.

Simple pleasures make this Autism Mommy oh so happy!


Bare Essentials Birthday Gift

Got this free with my warmth purchase at bare essentials today since my birthday was last week.  Small things, especially when free,gives me the giggles!  Doesn’t take much to entertain me I guess.  I googled this and learned there are hundreds of reviews on Macy’s and Nordstroms.