One Pan Balsamic Chicken & Veggies


One Pan Balsamic Chicken and veggies from I used chicken breast tenders instead of chicken breast fillets. This turned out yummy for the entire family. 


Chicken Soup


Please come out really yummy!  I want to become a #soup master.  #crockpot #slowcooker There’s #chickentenders hiding in there.  My soup was hearty but the entire lemon made it sour.  I’d only use half the lemon next time.

Recipe by My Healthy Dish on you tube  & IG

Whole or 4 chicken breasts, 1/3 Onion, 3oz Sliced ginger, 2 Carrots, 2 Garlic cloves sliced, 1 lemon sliced, 1 cup Coconut water, 1/4 cup Apple cider vinegar, 3 cups water, 1tbsp sea salt, 1/2 cup parsley

Set crock pot on high and cook 4-5 hours.

Whole Foods Magic Remedies

Treated myself to Whole Foods today. Just what the doctor ordered for the dizziness I’ve been having for a week. Dried fruit and figs, kale juice along with vitamin D and fish oil.  Yes that’s #pamelascakemix in the back.


Ground Turkey Burger w/ Brussel Sprouts


Turkey Burgers

1 lb. ground turkey meat
1 medium red onion, finely chopped
1/2 cup fresh parsley, minced
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper

Mix ingredients together and form 4-6 patties. Grill on medium heat for 7 minutes a side. 2 minutes before burgers are done, place a slice of cheese (optional) on each patty.

* I got this recipe from:

I actually didn’t grill it but instead cooked these bad boys on my favorite iron skillet.  I usually roast brussel sprouts but TJs has the seasoned microwavable but fresh ones that are pretty good.  I also cooked TJs quinoa.