The Inevitable

People who stare.  Then stare some more.  They even turn their heads without shame.

Mean big kids who pick up on the uniqueness and try to use to their advantage.

Friends who get sick of hearing you vent.  They look right through you as speak your heart out.  They avoid your texts and change the subject.

People who were once long lasting friends leave your life because you were too busy being an autism mom.  So sad but life goes on.


“Looks like Andrew’s improved!”

” I Totally  understand.  ALL moms have to do paperwork.  All moms are soooo busy.  Like when my daughter has school forms to complete, I do them all!”

“One day Andrew will outgrow the autism.  Look how smart he is!”

“See I told you he’s smart!  He’s not autistic!”

“Your son is so active.  He’s so full of energy!”

“He’s so handsome.  He doesn’t look autistic.  You’re lucky he doesn’t.”

“When will the autism go away?”

“Did you hear that horse back riding helps cure autism?”

“Did you hear about that autism kid who graduated college? See!  Andrew has a chance!”

“My (typical) son tantrums too when he doesn’t get something he wants.”

I know people mean well especially family & friends.  Nevertheless it’s still annoying & alienating.   It’s been long enough do some research please!  That’s the best thing you can  do to help support anyone dealing with autism.  Just because one autistic kid does one thing or has one quality, doesn’t mean ALL kids on the spectrum DO too.  As the saying goes, “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met ONE.”  As a parent, the last thing you want to feel like being broken record to everyone.  Nor feel like you constantly have to justify every action.


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